About MSF

The Marathon Swimmers Federation (MSF) provides resources, guidelines, and social networking to the global community of marathon swimmers.

  • The Marathon Swimmers Forum is the world's largest independent online community of open-water swimmers. Its
  • The Rules of Marathon Swimming are a globally-endorsed framework of rules and guidelines for any swim in any body of water.
  • The Documented Swims program offers a venue for publishing documentation and requesting peer-reviewed ratification of independent marathon swims.
  • The Global Marathon Swimming Awards honor the year's greatest achievements in marathon swimming, and are nominated and voted by the Forum community.
  • Our TRACK.RS app provides enhanced tracking of marathon swims, combining GPS data and analytics with real-time marine weather observations.
  • MSF Tracks is a global database of marathon swim GPS tracking data.
  • Our Regional Swim Calendars provide comprehensive listings of organized open-water swims, maintained by knowledgeable locals.
  • We offer free blog hosting powered by Wordpress, and maintain a feed representing dozens of other marathon swimming blogs around the world.


Evan currently serves as President of the Santa Barbara Channel Swimming Association. His record-breaking swim from Santa Cruz Island was featured in the documentary film DRIVEN. He has completed numerous other solo swims including Catalina, Manhattan Island, and Tampa Bay.

Evan is a data scientist based in San Francisco.

Donal Buckley

Donal is the author of the award-winning blog LoneSwimmer, and an English Channel and Manhattan Island soloist. He lives in Co. Tipperary, Ireland.

Elaine Howley

Elaine is a co-founder of the Massachusetts Open Water Swimming Association and has completed the Triple Crown of Open Water Swimming (English Channel, Catalina Channel, and Manhattan Island). She was the first person to complete the 32-mile lengthwise crossing of Lake Pend Oreille, Idaho.

Elaine is an award-winning freelance nonfiction writer and journalist based in Waltham, Massachusetts, USA.

Andrew Malinak

Andrew is a Manhattan Island soloist and the first man to complete all seven stages of the 8 Bridges Hudson River Swim consecutively. He is a co-founder of the Northwest Open Water Swimming Association.

Andrew is a geotechnical engineer based in Seattle, Washington, USA.

Regional Swim Calendars

Swim Documentation Review Panel

  • David Barra
  • Donal Buckley
  • Anne Cleveland
  • Sylvain Estadieu
  • Elaine Howley
  • Andrew Hunt
  • Andrew Malinak
  • Anthony McCarley
  • Zoe Sadler
  • Fergal Somerville
  • Sarah Thomas
  • Nora Toledano
  • Grace van der Byl
  • Milko van Gool
  • Scott Zornig

Chair (non-voting): Evan Morrison